Sainsbury’s Survey | Full Guide – Win £500

I have some rather fascinating and undoubtedly pleasant news to share with any Sainsbury’s customers or anyone who plans to visit the store shortly. Wouldn’t it be nice to shop without having to pay for it? Would you like the chance to win £500? Dear Friend, if you have shopped at Sainsbury’s Supermarket, you can enter to win 100,000 Nectar Points worth £500 at by simply assessing their goods, services, and atmosphere.

What are you holding out for? Consider it a terrific opportunity, do you? I can assure you that you have nothing to worry about. Everything has been discussed in this post. Everything you need, including the information you’ll get and the steps you must take, is available here. Keep going ahead if you want to know more.

Why Sainsbury’s Lettuce Know Online Survey?

One of the biggest grocery store chains in the United Kingdom, Sainsbury’s, has a wide variety of departments under one roof, with virtually endless options inside each one. In Britain, Sainsbury’s has a vast distribution network.

Sainsbury’s Survey

Lettuce Know, a Sainsbury’s Customer Satisfaction Survey, allows customers to express their opinions to management to meet and exceed their expectations from the company. To better understand recent visitors’ views on Sainsbury’s customer service, is conducting a survey. Your open and sincere comments in the survey will be used to enhance the quality of the goods and customer support.

Do You Know About Sainsbury?

Sainsbury operates more than 1,400 outlets, making it the biggest supermarket chain in the UK. Together, these employ roughly 162,700 people and have an annual income of £23.506 billion. The corporation has its corporate headquarters in London and is publicly traded. 16.9% of the market is reportedly under the corporation’s control.

It is a reputable business with a lengthy history. The company was established in Drury Lane by John James Sainsbury in 1869. It was the greatest of its kind in the country by 1922 due to its early adoption of self-service retailing.

Sainsbury’s Survey

Do You Want To Know The Terms Of The Lettuce Know Online Survey?

If yes, here are the terms and conditions of the online survey. Ensure you follow them strictly, so you are eligible for the survey rewards.

  • You are instantly entered into Sainsbury’s prize draw by taking the survey.
  • Submissions are taken up to the last day of each month, and the prize draw is held monthly.
  • Ten winners are selected each month to receive prizes totalling 100,000 Nectar points, each worth 500.
  • The second Wednesday following the survey submission is when the one-month prize drawing takes place.
  • The winners must have a nectar account to redeem their prizes. The award will be given immediately to those who already have this account. Those without Nectar accounts, however, will have 14 days to open one.
  • If the concerned winner does not accept the prize within the specified time, it will no longer be granted to them, and a new winner will be selected.
  • The contact details provided by the winner will be used to notify them if their entry wins a prize in the prize draw. Sainsbury’s privacy policy will ensure that this information remains private.
  • For the following 12 weeks, the winners’ names will be shown on the Lettuce know winners website.

What Are The Steps To Take The Lettuce Know Online Survey?

Sainsbury’s Survey

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to complete the online survey. The step-by-step guidelines to participate in Sainsbury’s Lettuce know survey are as follows:

  1. Purchase at the Sainsbury’s store and grab your survey invitation receipt.
  2. Visit to access the Lettuce know survey portal.
  3. Enter all the necessary details from your purchase receipt like the amount spent in the store, date and time of your purchase etc…
  4. Once you have carefully entered all the required information, press the ‘next’ button to answer the questionnaire.
  5. Please answer all the questions honestly so the firm can improve its services.
  6. Enter your details like phone number, full name, address, etc., and submit the survey.

Hurray! You have entered Sainsbury’s lettuce survey sweepstakes to get some fantastic rewards.

What Is The Lettuce Know Survey Rewards?

The management admires the effort put forth by their customers to help them to improve their services by giving numerous rewards to their loyal consumers. The survey sweepstakes winners will be rewarded with 100,000 nectar points worth $500. Awesome!!. If you won and don’t have a nectar account, don’t lose cool. You have 14 days to open a new account to redeem your reward.

Isn’t that a great deal, friends? Hurry up, as an early bird can only catch its prey.

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Contact Sainsbury

Sainsbury is always happy to resolve their customer’s concerns about their services. So never hesitate to reach them in the following if you have any queries regarding the survey or any of their services.

  • Sainsbury’s store phone number – 0800 636 262
  • Online purchase – 0800 328 1700
  • Headquarters Address:

Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd,

33 Holborn,



  • Survey Sponsor Address: Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd, 33 Holborn, London, EC1N 2HT.

Final Words

The Lettuce knows survey conducted by the Sainsbury stores at is an excellent opportunity to shop more by paying less the next time you purchase with the shop. You hardly need to spend 2-3 minutes which will fetch you a reward worth $500.

Please feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below. Stay waiting for more exciting surveys, and thank you for visiting my blog.


25 thoughts on “Sainsbury’s Survey | Full Guide – Win £500”

  1. I tried put all details what you ask…..and i found a message that about a wrong number of shop!
    I send it now, I would like a winer, I m a pensioner, I spend a lots of money monthly in Watford Sainsbury’s shop.
    Plese help me.

    I spend today : 21/09/2020 £117.42


    Kind Regards.

    Eva Lukacs Bolykine. 07375099220

  2. visited Sainsbury this morning – greeted by Maura – lovely helpful young woman – answered any
    queries I had – will be back very soon

  3. I have shopped at Sainsbury’s for over forty years but am now becoming disillusioned with the Colton, Leeds store.
    For some reason, known only to the staff, groceries are moved around the store on a weekly basis. I know there was a need
    when the store was being upgraded but that was months ago and it is still going on.
    I am just preparing my shopping list for the weekend and notice that amongst the offer coupons given out at the till, I received
    an Aldi price match slip which said “by Sainsbury’s British semi-skimmed milk 2 pints £1.15”. Rather strange that, because the two bottles that I bought at that till cost me £1.25 each.
    On 14th October I spent £51.43

  4. I visited Sainsburys today and was helped by Colleen at Customer Services. I had lost a Gift Card that I had purchased on 31/10/22. Colleen remembered finding my card. She went out of her way to find it for me, was extremely helpful and friendly.

  5. My wife and I visited your Bury St Edmunds store on Friday 2nd December. Your cashier (sorry didn’t get her name ) could not have been more helpful greeted with a smile ,made eye contact , made us feel at ease and that nothing was too much trouble .
    A credit to you and your staff at the Bury store.
    Bury St edmunds
    01284 767212

  6. The “customer service ” at our local branch in Bridgwater has been placed without a sign at the Cigarettes and Lottery counter of the store. I had to wait 15 minutes to return some clothing with a queue of 7 people in front of me. I don’t count that as customer service at all. Shocking. No fault of the lovely young lady at the counter. Asking for the store manager to register a complaint we were fobbed off with “go to the web address on the receipt”. No apologies for the delay and apparently no willingness to pass my and another lady’s complaint to higher management.

    Not good enough given your profit margins. I am now frequently shopping elsewhere, M&S and Lidl offer much better customer service.

  7. I shop at Sainsbury’s in Ferndown twice a week.The staff always helpful and great to talk to.But there is a lady on check out on the tills.Her name is Nic,I always go to her if she on the till.Great lady to talk to and always very helpful too.I wish all the lady’s in the store are like her.What great person she is.She is the best.

    • Friendly service needed an exchange was done in 5mins no bother at all the girl on customer service very very helpful today. Happy staff=happy customer 😊

  8. Hi

    I’d like to leave some feedback for Callum, a young customer assistant at your Yarm High Street store. I had a stock query on an item as the display arm was empty. He checked on the terminal which said there should be a box of the gardening gloves available in stock at the store. Then he checked the stock room for me. He was so helpful & friendly even though he was in the middle of doing some stock replenishment in the wine section. He’s a real asset to Sainsbury’s. Thank you for your help.

  9. Re:Allgood street local
    This store sets the standard for Britain.Simply the best of my 75 years of shopping. Tabish treats his staff as family and they pass this on to the customers. Sometimes it makes me feel guilty about my shoplifting.(JOKE)
    Happy Holidays to all.
    P.s. The only improvement possible would be a defibrilator.
    In all 1400 of your stores.Safer shopping.

  10. I visited sainsburys westhampstead local store and the colleagues are amazing with great customers service. They exhibited great product knowledge and helpful

  11. I visited Sainsbury’s in Oadby today and was served by a very pleasant and helpful lady called Penny. How nice to be served by a real person, as opposed to having to serve yourself and all the problems and difficulties that go with it. I hate self service but really enjoy being served by staff such as Penny in Oadby. Thank you.

  12. I have been using Sainsbury’s Edgware for many years and the staff there is always welcoming and helpful. I would like to mention
    in particular, Tara and Maya who will always go out of their way to help you, no matter what it is. If the product cannot be found in
    store, they will have a quick check to see if it is out of stock or discontinued, a problem at the check-out? they come to your help with
    a smile, being senior employees they are very resourceful and make shopping a pleasurable activity.
    They are an asset to this supermarket.

  13. I visited sainsburys church street warrington this morning at 09 07 .The store was clean tidy and well stocked i managed to get all the items that i wanted.Staff were polite and efficient as always thankyou

  14. I have shopped here for many years and I always try to shop in the morning and try to get Nina the lovely
    lady from Sri-Lanka at the till. She is so helpful to everyone especially the elderly like myself. Helps with
    your packing and although I don’t need it, I see her patiently helping old, disabled and visiting foreigners
    sort out their money when either they are shaky or don’t understand our currency. She is certainly the
    favourite with young and old in this shop.


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