International Women’s Day 2019

International Women’s Day is celebrated each year all around the world on March 8th. It is considered as a worldwide event which celebrates every woman’s victories & achievements ranging from social to political things. It is also observed by various communities all around the world such as charity farms, government organizations, business grounds, and etc. This special day also brings to notice about one of the most important factors that is ‘Gender Equality’. This remarkable celebration started all way back from 1900’s and nowadays various big organization and industries have already started to consider this day as an important day all around the world. There is also an interesting thing to look on this day. There are a lot’s of colors which effectively signify this day. Globally purple color is used to symbolize women. But there is a brief history behind this color code. Initially purple, green and white colors were used to symbolize and represent women’s equality.

International Women’s Day 2019

It was originated back in 1908 from Women’s Social and Political Union which was located in the United Kingdom (UK). The color white is used for symbolizing purity but as a matter of fact, the color white is no longer considered to symbolize the word purity as because many things it is a controversial topic. The color Green symbolizes hope; purple represents women from all round view. There are two new combinations which represent two new concepts about feminism. One is purple with yellow which symbolizes contemporary progressive feminism and another is purple with green which symbolizes traditional norms of feminism. If anyone looks at the timeline then the International Women’s Day from the very beginning was celebrated by communist type countries and active socialists. Later in 1975, it was adopted by United Nations (UN) and now it is now widely celebrated all around the world.

Women’s Day 2019

There were several themes which were incorporated throughout the women’s day timeline. Some of the most well known themes which were incorporated by the United Nations for this day are mentioned as below as per timeline: 1996: cherishing the past done things and preparing oneself for the upcoming future 1997: women who raised their voice and standing against odds to achieve their victory 1998: proper rights deployment for women and to make sure that nothing remains partial 1999: this year one of the most important themes was prescribed by the United Nations that is violence free nation against women. There should be no violence towards any women. 2000: in this year women from all around the world united and joined their hands for promotion of peace around them 2001: proper dispersal of conflicts against women 2002: equal opportunities should be given and made open for all women all around the world

2003: equal development goal for both the genders; this theme also marks equal gender rights 2004: this year was the theme for women and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) 2005: this is also a remarkable theme which supported further gender rights for building a more better future for women’s all around the world 2006: this theme marked that all women’s should be given equal opportunities in decision making and nobody has the right to criticize them 2007: more strict laws against the violence caused to women’s and girls 2008: this year also shaped a better economy; it stated that now investing and venture firms must also invest upon start-ups ran by women 2009: in this year men and women both joined their hands together to end violence against women’s once and for all 2010: this year promoted equal right and equal opportunities for all women’s all around the world 2011: this year also highlighted one of the most eye-catching themes that are equal rights of education for all women all around the world

2012: this year marked to end hunger and poverty among rural women’s all around the world 2013: promise by the government to take better care against the violence towards women 2014: this theme indicated equal progress for all women based on talent not gender 2015: this year highlighted in empowering women from all around the world 2016: this year marked full gender rights by next decade 2017: empowered women to change the world as they view; in other words this year marked to support women with creative ideas from all around the world So, as a conclusion we can see that this very special day, that is, the International Women’s Day which is celebrated on 8th March every year all around the world really marks an important day as it promotes and supports equal gender rights and end violence against women from all around the world.