| Welcome To Tell Schnucks Survey – Win $300 survey is an online customer satisfaction survey that helps the Schnucks management to fetch honest feedback from the customers. Apart from providing top-quality products, the supermarket chain Schnucks offers its customers a chance to win a $300 gift card which can be redeemed at any of their outlets.  The survey is made available online at their official website With this survey, Schnucks focus on improving the customer experience in their next visit.

Schnucks make sure that the answers submitted in the survey are relevant and accurate. Only then the evaluators take the suggestions into account and implement them at the respective stores.

About Schnucks

Schnucks officially known as Schnucks Markets, Inc is one of the largest and oldest American supermarket chains operating in four states with more than 100 outlets throughout the Midwest (Illinois, Indiana, Missouri and Wisconsin). Schnucks offered the services to its customers under other banners as well. Ratifying the motto “Friendliest Store in Town”, Schnucks focuses on customer satisfaction by delivering a wide range of products – bakery, dairy, deli, frozen foods, meat, liquor, general grocery and even pharmacy. Only the in-store pharmacies account for 92 as of 2012.


Schnucks being a family-owned business managed to give the corporate markets a sturdy competition by introducing the home delivery system in 2017. Most of the residents from The Midwest started opting for Schnucks for their weekly and monthly purchases. Moreover, Schnucks focus on aiding charitable organizations. Schnucks is mainly known for the variety and value offered to its customers.

$300 For A Simple Survey

Schnucks Markets is a supermarket chain running for the past seven decades. It has become the most preferred store in Midwest. Being a renowned brand Schnucks struggles to provide the customers with the finest shopping experience by improving their services. At Schnucks, customers are of top priority. As it has multiple outlets across the Midwest, it is difficult to address the issues without the help of its regular customers. Hence, the best store in town has come forward to listen to your opinions and complaints. So, Schnucks introduced an online survey to focus mainly on customer likes and dislikes. From adding more products to changing the pattern of the store, Schnucks wants to grow better. Besides improving the customer experience, Schnucks is offering a whopping $300 for this simple survey as an additional benefit. You can participate in the survey just by being a customer of Schnucks. All you need is the receipt of purchase done at Schnucks. | My Grocery Feedback – Win $100 Gift Card


The concept of the survey itself shows the hard work undertaken by Schnucks and the value given to the customer’s happiness or satisfaction. Schnucks want to focus on the weaker areas of their service to meet the expectations of their customers. Every problem submitted in the survey by the regular customers is recorded and addressed. Just reviewing the visit experience at the store is all it takes to do the survey. What are you waiting for! Submit the form right away as it is an easy peasy one.

Tellschnucks Rules

Specific rules have to be followed to participate in the Schnucks customer feedback survey. Given below are those rules.

  1. Schnucks’ only requirement right now is that you answer the questions honestly. You’ll be well on your way to winning the gift card if you take their privacy policy carefully.
  2. It is necessary to purchase at any Schnucks location. That’s because you’ll need to enter the survey’s unique 12-digit code, which can only be found on a valid receipt.
  3. Ensure you have a device capable of accessing the website, such as a computer, tablet, or laptop.
  4. The survey portal requires that you be at least 18 years old to participate. Anyone under the age of 18 will not be permitted to participate.
  5. Since Schnucks outlets are now only available in the United States, you should communicate in English.
  6. The survey is not open to anyone remotely connected to Schnucks, such as an employee, management, shareholder, or even a partner. If an employee tries to take it, their database will immediately flag his or her name. Their family relatives are also barred from entering.
  7. TellSchnucks will not admit any teenagers under the age of 18. False information on the website will be reported to the relevant authorities.
  8. Those who have not agreed to the transfer of “cookies” will not access the website. This is required for the Schnucks evaluators to gain access to your personal information to administer the sweepstakes.

How to Participate in Survey – Complete Steps

There are two methods to participate in the survey contest.

Online Survey Method

Following the given steps below will make your process of completing the Schnucks customer feedback survey much simpler and more accessible.

1. Go to the official shnucks customer feedback portal Once you are done entering the website, type the 12 -digit survey code in your receipt and proceed by clicking next to get started.

How to Participate in Survey - Complete Steps

2. You will be then taken to the survey questionnaire page, where you have to rate the Shnucks products and services based on your customer experience. No need to tone down yourself since the survey meant for improvement, not to get praises.

3. You have to enter your details once you are finished answering the questions to participate in the survey sweepstakes to win $300.

Mail-in Entry Method

If you Don’t have a purchase receipt, Don’t worry. Still, you can be a part of the survey contest.

Take a 3″ x 5″ card and write your name, address, phone number, email address and date of birth on it. Now mail this card to the below-given address.

Alliance/Schnucks Sweepstakes Entry, 620 Park Ave.

#332, Rochester, NY 14607

You have successfully entered the survey sweepstakes.

Reward Facts

  • There will be a total of twelve (12) prizes given out. Up to 150,000 points will be applied to each Prize winner’s Schnucks customer reward account.
  • The prize has a retail value of about $300. $3,600 is the total prize pool. The winner is in charge of ensuring that their loyalty is maintained.
  • The prize is non-transferable and cannot be replaced.
  • The winners are solely responsible for any federal, state, local, and other taxes on the prize.
  • Winners’ entries and acceptance of the prize constitute permission for the Sponsor to use the winner’s name, photograph, likeness, statements, biographical information, voice, and address in promotional materials.

Schnucks Mobile App

Contact Details

If you face any problem of trouble while taking the survey or getting your rewards, you can share your concerns by failing a customer care number that you can see below:

Customers Care Phone Number: 314–994–4400 or 800–264–4400 (toll-free)

Timing: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday (except holidays).

Schnucks Supermarket Head Office Address

Schnucks Markets, Inc.

11420 Lackland Road
St. Louis, Missouri 63146


Schnucks supermarket always values your feedback and constantly try to make modifications in their firm to ensure the best customer experience for their shoppers. I hope this article would have helped you in completing the Schnucks customer feedback survey. Refer this blog post to your friends so that they can also complete the survey efficiently. Thank you for your time and patience in reading my blog, and do visit my blog for more articles related to the survey. Feel free to post all your queries and comments below.    

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16 thoughts on “ | Welcome To Tell Schnucks Survey – Win $300”

  1. I tried to leave a 12 ID # which is 000-6566-2968 in the box but it will not take it so there the number to enter THANKS

  2. The box to enter ID number is unavailable on this webpage so I cannot take the Schnucks survey. I want to report my experience today at Schnucks Dorsett, this store has been a MESS forever! They keep shuffling product around and half of what I look for cannot be found (in carts and bins not on the shelf) this “renovation” is taking way too long.

  3. I like the self checkout. You can still get your rewards points and sometimes it’s quicker than waiting in line. One thing I didn’t like was the fact that there was not a larger sign stating that there was only limited amount of groceries to be checked out through the self checkout

  4. I am unable to enter the ID number like so many others here. At least I have my foot in the door to sing the praises of my FAVOURITE checker: APRIL! She works at the Alton, IL location. Hold out for Lane 9 if you can. We shared our love of the music selection there. You will find yourself dancing, I promise. Where else can you hear Leo Sayer singing, “I Can Dance”? My ID number, if anyone is interested, is: 001157879175. That’s from the first visit on April 21st at 1:14 PM. My second visit was later that evening; Miss April again, was at 7:42 PM. The ID is: 000915037332. The hot chicken, fried or roasted, is the best, followed by the hot Tilapia. Schnucks makes THE BEST spaghetti sauce. I eat the Garden Vegetable right from the jar EVERYDAY. My wish: that they carried Bumble Bee Tomato/Basil tuna in the red pouch, like WalMart and Dollar Tree do. Keep up the good work. Schnucks DOES have the friendliest people working there. Thank you.

  5. I go to the Schnucks at Olive and Spoede Roads. Gradually the shelves had become more and more bare (especially bakery, produce and meat). This morning, Saturday, 5/20/23, everything was stocked with fresh food! Yay! Yay! Yay!
    There was a robot going through the aisles a few weeks ago, and we think maybe it ratted some people out for not keeping the store stocked on Saturday mornings, and we got a new flock of managers. Yay Robot!

    Thank you for stocking up early, and having everything on my list today!

  6. The Creve Coeur deli was closed during normal business hours. Not enough staff, according to one employee. This is beginning to sound like Dierbergs.

  7. I shop at Marketplace. I can never access the digital coupons while in the store so if I see an item with a coupon that I didn’t add before I arrived at the store, I can’t add it. So I probably won’t buy it.

  8. The deli where you purchase lunch meat. The cheese has changed for the worse. The Schnucks brand is what we usually buy, Longhorn Colby. Husband says it taste like American and also is like cardboard. The other brand that is sold is not good either. Quality of the cheese is awful. You cannot get to survey to do it. Have tried numerous times. Now u are telling me I have posted this before but don’t believe I have. Sad site for Schnucks

  9. This is the second time that I have tried to complete this blasted survey. It allows me to go so far and then it drops me. I don’t have time to re-enter all my responses because this program has glitches. It asked for my reward number. I went to the Schnucks app and could not find the rewards ID to be easily found anywhere. Frustrating.


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