Happy Women's Day 2017 Poems In English & Hindi

Happy Women's Day 2017 Poems in English & Hindi are provided here. Womens Day is the occasion celebrated all around the world, so in simple words guys it is the day to make a special day for the ladies in your life. Below is set of poems to celebrate these great beings. Don't miss the opportunity, do whatever she likes. In this article we give you the most amazing way to express yourself this Women's Day 2017. Happy Womens Day Wishes 2017 added here.
Happy Women's Day 201 6 Poems In English & Hindi

She is the epitome of strength
The sun from which all seek life,
Under her breast, we are nourished
In her embrace, we are warmed.
This woman works,
Cultivates her field as the sun rises
Stirs her pot as the sun sets.
This woman, my mother.

She is the continuation of a lineage
The link between past and future
The present, a missing rib to one son of Adam.
Her eyes are not only windows to the soul
But a reflection of her society.
This woman works,
Gains knowledge in books and art
The light that guides all around her.
This woman, my sister.

She is the glue that pieces together a broken heart
The blanket of warmth from a cold shoulder
Rosa Parks on a bus seat
She symbolizes beliefs and faith.
This woman works
The star that shines in the darkest of nights
The way that bears the will of a people.
This woman, my lover and friend.
This woman works
And today I celebrate her.

I never saw her break from her cocoon
but in daydreams I envisioned the pain of stepping out from the warmth
fighting a battle with gravity and air
to spread her majestic wings and paint the clouds with bright colors
yet the clouds heavy with rain, hid the sun and the rainbow
and the ground beckoned her to fall, calling her ugly.

She was born a princess, her father the King….
If beauty lay in the eyes of the beholder
she was the orphan, born out of wedlock
a victim to the lack of an identity
of royal blood, but swimming in a pool shallow to her reflection
her crown awash in the sea
the depth of the ocean beckoning her drowning body,
calling her ugly.
celebrate her victories over waves and gravity
she is your mother and your sister
your daughter and your lover
she paint the rainbow with her wings….
the stars are her footprints in the night sky
leaving diamonds in her wake.

Dilon Mein Bas Jaaye Woh Mohabbat Hoon,
abhi Behan, Kabhi Mamta Ki Murat Hoon..!!

Mere Aanchal Mein Hain Saje Chand-sitaare,
Maa Ki Kadamo Mein Basi Ek Jannat Hoon..!!

Har Dard-o-gum Ko Chupa Liya Seene Mein,
Lab Pe Naa Aaye Kabhi Woh Hasrat Hoon..!!

Mere Hone Se Hi Hai Yeh Kainaat Jawaan,
Zindagi Ki Behad Haseen Haqeeqat Hoon..!!

Har Roop-rang Mein Dhal Kar Sawar Jaaon,
Sabr Ki Misaal, Har Rishte Ki Taaqat Hoon..!!

Apne Houslon Se Taqdeer Ko Badal Doon,
Sun Le Aye Duniya, Haan! Main Aurat Hoon..!!

Happy Women’s Day!