These Are The Three Most Beautiful Leggings Looks For The Home Office

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Anyone who previously thought that leggings were the epitome of the louting outfit and only allowed on the couch, is wrong. We’ll show you three variants of how you can style the cozy trousers super chic in the home office! From skinny jeans to flared legs to leggings – choosing the pants of the year, especially in the home office, has probably become more convenient for most of us from month to month. There is hardly a model that is currently more popular than the latter. Whether in the study, for a walk or when visiting the supermarket – leggings are undoubtedly the most practical legwear of the hour and therefore very trendy.

We have to admit that we took the new it-piece out of the closet rather shyly at first, but there is absolutely no reason for that! The part not only promises the highest level of comfort, but can also be styled ultra chic with a few simple steps. Blazer, sneaker or turtleneck sweater – the trousers harmonize with every fashion style. We are now showing you our three favorite outfits with which you are guaranteed to upgrade your home office look and explain how you can re-style them. No pretty leggings in your closet yet? Then we already have a good basis here, which you can buy on Amazon for about 13 euros.

These are the best leggings styling options

While some are happy to rummage through the (online) displays of Amazon, ZARA or H&M like a snow king, our shopping highlight is the styling behind it. After all, with the right combination with other items, you can take a piece of clothing to a completely different level. So do the leggings! The pants are not only suitable for a small workout session , but of course you also cut a good figure in the home office. But if you don’t want to click your way through the web for hours and look for inspiration , we present three stylish options on IGTV that are suitable for every preference.

The cozy variant

Are you more of the playful type and also like the cuddly look of the snuggly pants? Then you can pimp the all-round talent with a few splashes of paint, for example. We love the contrast between dark leggings and sweaters in pastel shades. Reach for a knitted sweater or cardigan with a V-neck in a delicate color of your choice (we went for pink) and let the open area casually fall over your shoulder. This reveals a pretty bralette underneath – something with lace is super cute – and sets another exciting highlight. Cuddly socks, chokers and scrunchi complete the feminine home office look with leggings.

The trendsetter outfit

But of course that is not all that the trend part can do. If you are more of a fan of bold styles that would also look great in Milan or New York, you can wear your leggings with a turtleneck top with a leopard print and fur loafers. Large statement earrings in gold or copper tones, which give the outfit a touch of casual elegance, are suitable as accessories. As you can see, you can let your creativity run free with this styling and wear a few more eye -catchers with the plain leggings .

The business chic

If you also like it more clean and serious at home, it is best to style the lower part just like your favorite office outfit. After all, a white blouse , elegant watch, filigree ring and cool business bun also look great in the home office and make you forget that it is actually a pair of cozy leggings that surround our legs. Of course, you don’t have to rely on office chic when it comes to footwear. We simply exchange high heels for matching flat slippers in cream or white and round off the look with details such as fur trim.

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