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Have you been to the SpartanNash store most recently? If yes, is a specially designed platform for you to share your shopping experience with SpartanNash. The store management doesn’t want you to do it free of cost. For each of my grocery feedback surveys, you mark your shopping reviews, and you will be entered into sweepstakes that will fetch you a SpartanNash grocery gift card worth $100.


Give The Best; Take The Deal

Don’t get confused with the title. You don’t have to tone down your voice to enter the sweepstakes. The management doesn’t expect to get only good feedback. Instead, you have to figure out each drawback and give out the best possible solutions to improve the customer shopping experience.

If you are a genuine customer of SpartanNash, Be truthful in your feedback while participating in my grocery feedback survey at The survey will hardly take only 5 minutes from your leisure time. Still, the reward is something fabulous when compared to the time you spent in getting it.

SpartanNash: A Massive Store Only for Groceries

If you’ve ever gone supermarket shopping in the United States, the food most likely came from SpartanNash. In the United States, they currently supply approximately 2,100 independent grocery stores. That’s a tremendous figure! In addition, they’ve been around for 101 years and are the leading food distributor for military stores and exchanges in the United States.SpartanNash is currently active in 44 states and the European Union.


The Grand Rapids Wholesale Grocery Corporation was the name of the company when it was started in 1917. They began as a retail cooperative in which over 100 supermarkets banded together to buy their food in gross and pass the additions on to their customers.

They used this business strategy for 40 years until deciding in the 1970s to push full steam ahead and focus on establishing a for-profit company. In 1957, they changed their name to Spartan Stores as a result of this decision.

Throughout the 1990s, they bought a slew of different grocery brands to expand their footprint in the United States. However, the SpartanNash that we know today, was not created until 2013. Nash Finch, an even older distribution company with roots reaching back to 1885, joined Spartan Stores.

D&W Fresh Markets, Family Fare Supermarkets, and Glen’s are among the retail chains for whom they are the primary distributor. They’re also a significant supplier to military commissaries all across the United States.

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Recognition Across the Country for Supplying Best Quality Groceries for Cheap Pricing

One of the company’s most significant accomplishments has to be the staggering amount of rewards. They’re frequently placed in the Fortune 500, and in 2013, they were named one of the Fortune 500’s “World’s Most Admired Companies.”

The Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency awarded them bronze in 2016 and 2017, which they followed up with a silver award in 2018 for being a ‘Veteran-Friendly employer.’ The company’s female employees have also been honoured as some of the “Top Women in Grocery” by Progressive Grocer, with 15 female employees receiving the honour in 2018. That is some super lady power right there!!


Are you ready to take out the My Grocery Survey? This article is a complete survey guide for you to take out the survey with no trouble. Let’s begin!

Rules of Survey

Given below are the rules of eligibility to participate in the mygroceryfeedback survey.

  1. You must partake in the survey within seven days after purchasing the item.
  2. To participate in the mygroceryfeedbackcom survey, you must be at least 18 years old.
  3. The participants must be the resident of the United States of America. Florida and Rhode Island residents are not permitted to enter.
  4. Representatives and their immediate families are not permitted to participate in the survey.
  5. To participate in the mygroceryfeedback survey, you must have a receipt.
  6. There are no new purchases that will improve your chances of winning.
  7. There is a maximum of one reward per survey and one survey per day.
  8. There are no refunds on any prizes.
  9. Prizes will not be exchanged for cash.

Click HERE to read the complete rules of spartannash guest experience grocery giveaway

Terms & Conditions To Enter The Mygrocery Feedback Survey

Before you engage in the survey, you should be aware of SpartanNash’s terms and conditions, which you must follow to complete the My Grocery Feedback survey efficiently.

  1. According to the question, all responses will be used to improve the quality of products and services at the grocery store.
  2. The customer will be entered into a survey sweepstakes draw at the end of the survey for a chance to win one of three $100 gift cards.
  3. SpartanNash maintains the right to modify or cancel the sweepstakes survey at any time and for any reason.
  4. The customer will need a survey number from a SpartanNash receipt to begin the survey, which they will receive after purchasing something from the shop.
  5. Customers who do not have an Internet facility can also participate in the survey by calling (866) 364-0813. The customer’s email address or phone number is not limited, but all information will be kept private and used only when the customer rejects the hurdles and wins a $ 100 gift card.

What Are the Steps to Complete Survey?


So, if you want to participate in the My Grocery Feedback survey online, all you have to do is go to the official webpage of the survey, which is

1. Open the official survey website

2. You will be taken immediately to the main page of the My Grocery Feedback survey participation as soon as you do so.

3. Soon, you’ll be directed to the main page. Read the instructions carefully, which are defaulted to English.

4. Read the directions there, where you’ll find a detailed illustration of the instructions.

5. You will see a My Grocery Feedback area here, where you must fill out your survey coupon code, which is written on your receipt and is only suitable for seven days.

6. After entering your promo code there, click the submit button below to go to the next step.

7. The next step will lead you to a section with several questions in which you must participate and respond.

8. The questions are based on your last store visit experience, and you must respond to the questions presented to you, which are all multiple-choice questions.

9. You will also be given a blank place to share your viewpoint if you have one.

10. Once you submit all of your information, you are given a promo code and a validation code, which you must write down and keep for your next visit to the store.

11. You can quickly redeem your My Grocery Feedback survey advantages by showing the coupon and receiving a $100 gift card.

12. You can also participate in the customer feedback survey by telephonic as well as mail-in entry methods.

Telephonic Entry to the Survey – Steps

  • Customers can reveal their in-store shopping experience by calling (866)3640813, which is a toll-free number.
  • Enter the survey contest by providing feedback and recording your personally identifiable information.
  • The result will be sent to the phone number or email address you provided.

Steps for mail-in entry to the survey sweepstakes

Good news for customers who do not have a purchase receipt that is older than seven days. You can still be a part of this sweepstakes through a mail-in entry.

  • On a 3″ x 5″ sheet of paper, handwrite your full name, address, zip code, and phone number (including area code).
  • Then send it to: “SpartanNash Guest Experience Grocery Giveaway – Free Entry,” c/o Retail Feedback Group, P.O. Box 776, East Northport, NY 11731.
  • There is a limit of one entry request per postmarked outer envelope.
  • There is also a limit of one entrance request per individual each month.

You can enter using any technique to see how lucky you are. By completing the survey in any way, the entrant will be immediately entered into the mygroceryfeedback competition.

What is the type of questions you can expect in the Mygrocery feedback survey?

It will be helpful if I give you some sample questions to rate your experience by recollecting it easily. These are only some reference questions. Don’t expect it to be in such a way itself.

  • When you walked into the store, were you greeted? Were the workers pleasant to work with?
  • What was your entire shopping experience like?
  • Were you able to locate the things you were looking for with ease?
  • Was the store at a comfortable temperature? Was it hygienic? Were the restrooms clean and well-kept?
  • How long did it take you to check out? Was the cashier pleasant?

Surprise! Rewards are Waiting for you


The time and effort you put into the survey mentioned above will be rewarded handsomely. Once you’ve completed the study and submitted it, you’ll be entered to win a $100 sweepstakes prize. This gift card can be used at the SpartanNash grocery store on your next visit. This will allow you to shop while saving money.

SpartanNash Survey Winners

Check the below image to get the full list of winners of SpartanNash Survey. Hurry up and rush to SpartanNash Mygrocery feedback survey, to get featured in this list.

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In-store Telephone Number: (616) 878-2000

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Final Words

I hope you have attended the mygroceryfeedback survey at and entered the sweepstakes. Also, don’t forget to leave your comments below whether this article finds useful for you in taking the SpartanNash store survey. Post it below if you win the survey contest.


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  1. I hope you are getting a discount on your paper ads. No Buyers Guide delivered in our area in the last month. My desk top computer is not handy to look up what the store is advertising.

  2. I noticed that I was treated with respect and as a veteran I received a discount which was must appreciated. A pleasent experiance. Allen

  3. Kathryn was very friendly. She did a great job ringing up my groceries. I always feel welcome when I shop at Family Fare.

  4. I was charged for onion sets white that I did not purchase. The charge was for $6.99. I would like a refund. my survey number is 773127222601202005. It was on Saturday 9/17/22 at 12:02, cashier was Reece.

  5. It was a fully stocked store! I didn’t have to compromise on the products I wanted which was nice especially with what is going on in the world today. The produce was fresh and they had a great selection in the meat department and better pricing than I have seen in a while at most grocery stores! Always good/ fare deals and things on sale are in abundance. Check out was fast and the staff is always friendly and helpful! Great job guys I will definitely be back.

  6. I could not find Molasses today when I was shopping. I asked for assistance, and not only did he direct me to where I could find it, but he also asked me if he could reach it for me. I really appreciate how friendly the staff is at this location and how helpful they are. I know that there is competition in our small town, but I so appreciate being able to ask for assistance when needed.

  7. Chris in the Meat Breton Village in East Grand Rapids is always friendly and polite and always goes the extra mile to help me with cuts of meat or the best fish advise. I shop every Saturday for my meat and seafood because of the great Meat Dept.
    and Chris’s great service. Of course I end up leaving with with my meat and another $100 of miscellaneous products.

  8. Jill is a excellent cashier, friendly and very efficient !! when ask for a product the aid always takes right to the product, very friendly and help full,

  9. i was just at the store 11:00pm . Tim was very very nice ,his boss came over to
    see what we were up to. both great guys !! thanks for being so friendly, nice ,
    pleasant. its nice to see that now days. it truly does make you want to come back and shop when you have nice employees.

  10. Your store is clean. The cashier was pleasant. Family Fare is to expensive to shop all the time. Limited fresh fruits and veggies. Poor quality. Only stop in for milk because most convenient for me at the time. Don’t like your digital coupons. I have come into your store because it was most convenient and when I saw the prices it was worth leaving Family Fare having purchased nothing and driving out of my way to other store to buy groceries.

  11. The staff is so nice and always make my experience so personable. Small town store with big expectations. Thank you everyone!

  12. Kenzie & Bekki did a wonderful job putting my order together. The lady that delivered my order carried everything to my kitchen and made sure that I was pleased. Thanks for all the service.


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